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Address: On The Downtown Bentonville Square, 103 N.E. 2nd Street (Just five minutes from the Hwy. 72 exit) Phone: (479) 273-5424 Store Hours: Tue-Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm, also by appointment

Anniversaries Gifts





First Paper Clocks Mother Of Pearl; Peridot
Second Cotton China Garnet
Third Leather Crystal; glass Pearls; Jade
Fourth Fruit; Flowers Appliances Blue Topaz; Blue Zircon
Fifth Wood Silverware Sapphire; Pink Tourmaline
Sixth Candy; Iron Wood Amethyst; Turquoise
Seventh Wool; Copper Desk Sets Onyx; Yellow Sapphire; Golden Beryl
Eighth Bronze; Pottery Linens; Lace Tourmaline; Tanzanite
Ninth Pottery; WillowLeather Lapis Lazuli; Amethyst; Green Spinel
Tenth Tin; AluminumDiamond Jewelry Diamond Jewelry; Blue Sapphire
Eleventh SteelFashion Jewelry Turquoise; Citrine; Yellow Zircon
Twelfth Silk; LinenPearls Jade; Opal
Thirteenth LaceTextiles Citrine; Moonstone; Hawk’s Eye
Fourteenth IvoryGold Jewelry Opal; Agate; Bloodstone
Fifteenth Crystal; GlassWatches Ruby; Rhodolite Garnet; Alexandrite
Sixteenth Peridot; Red Spinel
Seventeenth Watches; Carnelian
Eighteenth Cat’s Eye; Chyrsoberyl; Aquamarine
Ninteenth Aquamarine; Almadine Garnet
Ninteenth Aquamarine; Almadine Garnet
Twentieth ChinaPlatinum Emerald; Yellow or Golden Diamond
Twenty-first Iolite
Twenty-second Spinel
Twenty-third Imperial Topaz
Twenty-fourth Tanzanite
Twenty-fifth SilverSterling SilverSilver Jubilee; Tsavorite; Green Garnet
Thirtieth PearlDiamondPearl Jubilee
Thirty-fifth CoralJadeEmerald
Fortieth RubyCoral; JadeRuby
Forty-fifth SapphireSapphireSapphire; Cat’s Eye
Fiftieth GoldGoldGolden Jubilee; Imperial or Golden Topaz
Fifty-fifth EmeraldEmeraldAlexandrite
Sixtieth DiamondDiamondDiamond Jubilee; Star Ruby